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Kristen K. Scurlock, D.C.

6630 So McCarran Blvd Suite C205

Reno, NV 89509




Dr. Scurlock is a Reno native, graduating from Reno High School and UNR. She continued her studies and graduated from Southern California University studies at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Scurlock encourages health and wellness, and is dedicated to maintaining individual quality care for all her patients. She Integrates chiropractic, manual therapy, soft tissue work, fitness and nutrition for her patients. She puts each patient's best interest first and understands that patients have different goals and motivation for seeking care. After a consultation and through exam, she will develop a treatment plan based upon each patient's personal needs. Dr. Scurlock welcomes the opportunity to help you and your loved ones address physical problems and improve quality of life. 

If you don't have a fully functioning spine, then you aren't living life to its fullest! Movement is life. We take care of the structure and restore the function, you maintain it with a healthy ACTIVE lifestyle.

Dr. Scurlock fills her free time with running, biking, coach her kids soccer teams, skiing, sailing, hiking and is always up for an adventure in our beautiful Sierra's.


Manual Diversified Manipulation

Traction - Low Back and Neck

Joint Mobilization

Drop Table



A.R.T. (Active Release Technique)

Muscle stimulation & Ultra Sound

Sports Physicals

Conditions We Treat


Disc Bulge/Herniation

Sports Injuries


Low Back Pain

Neck Pain




Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Community Partners

Skye Garman - Personal Trainer

Kellene Franklin - Massage Therapist

Mike Fronk - Rolfer

The Finley Center - Acupuncture & PT

Eric Ingram - Manual Therapy

Spine Nevada

Mike Kelly- Rise Health & Performance

Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Scurlock for over 10 years. She is professional, very qualified, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Her exceptional care stems from traditional chiropractic adjustments to soft tissue work providing dual treatment to all patients. I have a few different issues which cause chronic pain and with care, I am able to manage and live my daily life relatively free fron the debilitating effects that my problems cause. I cannot imagine my quality of life if not for Dr. Scurlock.




6630 South McCarran Blvd, Ste. C205

Reno, Nevada

Tel 775-829-0177

Fax 775-829-7741

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